How to Help

Be Active
  • Become a Precinct Committeemen
  • Host a neighborhood Block Party
  • Put up candidate signs
  • Volunteer to walk in parades to support local candidates
  • Attend Cuba Township Republican events
  • Hand out literature at train stations and other public spaces
  • Host a candidate meet & greet at your church or neighborhood

Be Visible

    • Tweet, chat, FB, text, and share emails and videos with your friends, family and neighbors
    • Follow Cuba Township GOP on Facebook and Twitter
    • Put up a candidate sign in your yard or business
    • Attend events and bring your family, friends, and neighbors

Donate Time and Money

    • Volunteer to work on a Republican candidate campaign
    • Buy dinner and raffle tickets to GOP fundraiser events
    • Direct giving to GOP, candidate campaigns and non-profit organizations

Stay Informed

Lake County Republican organizations

Illinois Republican organizations

National Republican organizations

Write Letters to The Editor

Email us at anytime with questions.